The Hackathon Problems

Here are the problems that our sponsors are most interested in solving.

Links to data can be found on
Main Road’s Open Data , Specialised Dataset for Hackathon
Water Corporation’s Open Data

*DL – Data downloads available on Problem Statement Page

Problem ID Problem Statement (How Might We Better) Link
MR PR1 Social Media Analytics Pulling from social media to better understand how customer experience relates to network performance at a granular level.
Pushing to social media to better manage the wider traffic response to planned and unplanned events
MR PR2 Identifying Roadside Hazards Identify roadside hazards from video footage (eg trees, rocks, power poles, crash barriers, etc)?  Open
MR PR3 Visualisation of road maintenance data Visualise many different data sources so that we can easily make informed decisions?  Open
MR PR4 Feature Extraction Identify and extract features of interest from video and pointcloud data?  Open
MR PR5 Road condition Better understand some of the influences on pavement life (eg water ingress, traffic loading, etc) to improve targeting of future maintenance Open
WC PR5*DL Monitoring of Catchment Areas How might we better monitor large catchment areas. infrastructure and land to prevent the misuse of Water Corp property, improve maintenance programs and keep workers and the public safe? Open
WC PR7 Lone Worker How might we better ensure the safety of staff who work remotely or alone? There are situations where staff are required to work alone, often in remote or risky locations. They can be out of contact for several hours, often in areas with limited connectivity—so knowing they are safe at all times is a problem.

How can we ensure their safety, and respond to an emergency situation if required?

WC PR8*DL Site Hazard Register How might we better notify staff & visitors to Water Corporation sites of the potential known hazards on them and as they move around them? Open
WC PR9 Right person, Right job How might we get the right person with the right experience & skillset, with the right tools, within the right location to a job taking into account variables like traffic, weather etc. Open
WC PR10 First Responder Can we provide field staff attending an incident real information (drawings, plans, safety information etc) that will aid them in making decisions whilst also giving the command centre a view of what’s happening on the ground live in real time. Open
WC PR11*DL Predictive Pumps & Pipes Maintenance How might we identify the events, indicators and triggers of potential problems early and predict incidents within the network to enable condition based maintenance and reduce asset failure Open

*DL – Data downloads available on Problem Statement Page