MoD 2017 Hackathon Problems

Here are the problems that our sponsors are most interested in solving.

Links to data can be found on
Main Road’s Open Data
Water Corporation’s Open Data

Problem ID Problem Statement (How Might We Better) Link
MR PR1 The Performance / Experience Ratio coordinate and communicate the performance of the road network to drivers by understanding patterns of incidents, maintenance planning, direct and indirect customer feedback and live road usage Open
MR PR3 The Detail Dilemma respond to road maintenance issues using detailed information about the construction of the whole road surface and substructure and combine this with asset and maintenance data to visualise the current and future road condition and network impacts? Open
MR PR13 The Road Asset Assignment identify, update and improve the road assets databases so we know what assets are where to enable better planning and safety? Open
MR PR15 The Road Condition Conundrum monitor the changing condition of the roads and pavements to understand what causes different rates deterioration and improve future and predictive maintenance planning? Open
WC PR5 The Encatchment Predicament monitor large encatchment areas of pipes, infrastructure and land to prevent the misuse of Water Corp property, improve maintenance programs and keep workers and the public safe? Open
WC PR7 The Lone Worker Uncertainty monitor people working alone often in remote or risky locations where they can be out of contact for several hours so we know that they’re safe at all times and can respond in an emergency if we need to? Open
WC PR8 The Known Hazzard Protocol provide contextual hazards information to staff and operators anytime there is an emergency, when site access is required or when there are changes made to a familiar worksites? Open
WC PR9 The Right Person Right Job Principle understand our workers and resource capabilities and improve our situational awareness of our infrastructure to make decisions quicker and more effectively deploy the right resources to the right incident? Open
WC PR10 The First Responder Predicament reconcile our asset and infrastructure records with on the ground real time data collected as we diagnose and work on faults to correct inaccuracies and improve our response effectiveness? Open
WC PR11 The Prediction Postulate identify the drivers, indicators and triggers of potential problems early and predict incidents within the network to enable condition based maintenance and reduce asset failure? Open