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Right Person, Right Job
WC PR9 The Right Person Right Job Principle


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How might we better

How might we get the right person with the right experience & skillset, with the right tools, within the right location to a job taking into account variables like traffic, weather etc.

Problem Story

The WA water infrastructure is all over and under WA making it virtually impossible to see where and when an incident has happened, just the result.

Without really knowing what's going on in the pipe network or parts we might need we’ve forced to make educated guesses about who to send and what tools and equipment to take.

This makes it a slow and frustrating process because workers end up wasting their time going back and forth when our customers just want their water back on.

Scale / Impact


Can be very disruptive to customers.

Legacy systems make it very hard to know who to send to an incident or what to expect when they get there.

Data Description & Source

  • Incident records
  • Asset databases
  • HR records

4 key outcomes / constraints / statements

  1. Thousands of kms of pipe network
  2. All built by different people over a long history
  3. Only when you dig do you really know what's there and what you need to fix it.

Mentors & Contacts

Rick Brooks