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Site Hazard Register
WC PR8 The Known Hazard Protocol


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How might we better

How might we better notify staff & visitors to Water Corporation sites of the potential known hazards on them and as they move around them?

Problem Story

The infrastructure and operations of the Water Corp cover thousands of different sites built over the last 100+ years each with their almost unique set of dangers.

This can cause a lot of anxiety because we’re not 100% confident about what hazards might be present when staff turn up and frustration because we’ve visited some of these places thousands of times.

But still people are largely unaware of where to take extra care or when to complete a manual risk assessment which can lead to incidents.

Scale / Impact


Safety is a core priority.

Scale of different worksites.

Data rich but manual systems

Data Description & Source

  • Asset data
  • Customer data
  • Emergency management plans
  • heritage directories
  • DYBD

4 key outcomes / constraints / statements

  1. Thousands of kms of pipe network
  2. All built by different people over a long history
  3. Each site gets visited regularly, some more than others
  4. Huge range of potential hazards

Mentors & Contacts

Chantelle Francis- Brotherton