Program Title

Road Condition
MR PR15 The Road Condition Conundrum

MR Problem

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How might we better

Understand some of the influences on pavement life to improve targeting of future maintenance

Problem Story

There are thousands of road assets spread across the 18000kms of roads in WA. Many factors impact on pavement life, some of the key ones being water ingress and traffic loading.

There is lots of Main Roads and external data available. There is an opportunity to examine lots of data (big data problem) to see if there is any combination of factors that leads to decreased asset life.

By analogy, this is like examining lots of patient data in a health context to look for factors that shorten life-span (eg smoking).

Scale / Impact


Lots of data with complex relationships

Declining state budget

Opportunity to better target future maintenance activities

Data Description

Main Roads
Asset & Maintenance data

Soil data (eg CSIRO)
Climate data (eg BoM)
Satellite data

4 key outcomes / constraints / statements

  1. 18,000km of rural road network
  2. Lots of data
  3. Complex inter relational data points required
  4. Looking for combinations which shorten asset life