Program Title

Visualisation of Road Maintenance Data

MR Problem

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How might we better

Visualise many different data sources so that we can easily make informed decisions

Problem Story

There are thousands of road assets spread across the 18000kms rural road network in WA. Asset managers have lots of data at their disposal to make decisions.
How can Main Roads visualise this data, potentially selecting between data of various types (eg maintenance, safety, traffic, etc).
Being able to select data sets to view and then visualise them in creative ways which inform decision making is the desired outcome.

Scale / Impact


Lots of data with complex relationships

Manual process to view lots of data sets together

Data Description

Main Roads Asset & Maintenance data

External Soil data (eg CSIRO)
Climate data (eg BoM)

4 key outcomes / constraints / statements

  1. 18,000km of rural road network
  2. Lots of data
  3. Complex inter relational data points required
  4. How to view the data in ways which make it easy and adds value for decision makers