Program Title

Social Media Analytics

MR PR1 The Performance Experience Ratio

MR Problem

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How might we better

Pulling from social media to better understand how customer experience relates to network performance at a granular level
Pushing to social media to better manage the wider traffic response to planned and unplanned events

Problem Story

The road network is a complex interconnected system. A single event (crash/incident/works) at the wrong place and time can create major disruptions which propagate back through the network.
Main Roads maintain a large database holding network performance information (flows and speeds), but we do not understand how well this objective data relates to the subjective customer experience.
Main Roads’ regularly pushes out tweets notifying customers of unusual congestion or incidents, but we do not understand how effective this service is at reassigning traffic or if this service could be improved.

Scale / Impact


Network performance is core to Main Roads

Data Description & Source

Main Roads twitter feed @perth_traffic, MRWA incident feeds (spatial),
Social Media,
All incident data from 2012, Geo spatial representation of assets, Contingency plans for major assets

4 key outcomes / constraints / statements

  1. High demand for road space
  2. Limited supply of road space.
  3. Planned and unplanned events limit local supply and impact the performance of the wider road network.
  4. We might make better use of social media to reduce the impact of these events.