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The Ministry of Data (MoD) hosts hackathons to solve the most curious technological problems faced by Government agencies. Open to developers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, data aficionados, business analytics, and innovators for a better world, a MoD Hackathon is an opportunity to solve a real validated problem and deliver a product that has great market product fit.

Announcing TransportHack

TransportHack is a two-day creative problem-solving event hosted by the Transport Portfolio and Ministry of Data. Scheduled to begin on Friday 18 October, the Transport Portfolio present Five TransportHack Challenges and a diverse range of agency data that can be used by you and your team to produce creative, original ideas, build prototypes and pitch solutions.

  • 19 September 2019Launch Party

    We announced Five TransportHack Challenges. Attendees got the valuable chance to ask questions to mentors from our government sponsors, the Department of Transport, Main Roads Western Australia and the Public Transport Authority, and discuss possible solutions with everyone!

  • 18-20 October 2019Hackathon Weekend!

    The big weekend! We saw a lot of energised team work and problem-solving. Teams presented their solutions to the Transport Portfolio and our judges. Our press release is coming soon.


The Prizes

An initiative by

The Ministry of Data

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  1. Qualified Government agency problems to the innovator and startup community that have global potential if solved.
  2. Direct access into Government agencies so conceived solutions have an internal rainmaker and potential seed funding to move solutions forward.
  3. Access to pathways to accelerate solution commercialisation through some of Perth’s finest accelerator programs.
  4. The bridge to government for existing great initiatives and startups!

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